WMA is pleased to offer for the second year a one-to-one iPad program for all students in Grades Seven through Twelve.  Students in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Six will have access to iPads for classroom study units and projects.


WMA places emphasis on the fact that iPads do not replace computers or the importance of the classroom teacher and student interaction.  In fact, the iPad replaces nothing.  The iPad will add to the school program and enhance new learning opportunities.  A good analogy is comparing the iPad to a new tool added to the learner's toolbox.


Policies and procedures for use will be explained at classroom orientations in August.  We look forward to working with parents to insure successful implementation of this exciting new learning adventure.  The school will install all apps on the iPads and also a management system for individual devices.  We have entered into a lease arrangement with the Apple Corporation to make the program affordable.  We look forward to a school year when each student in Grades Seven through Twelve will carry an educational toolbox that includes an iPad; a year when elementary students will be introduced to iPad use.  And a year when a hand-held technology device will open additional opportunities for our students to express new boundaries of creativity and educational growth.


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